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We understand that many of the residents within the Parish of Sandymoor aren't particularly aware of what the Parish Council does with the money that is received from the council tax precept each year. We have launched this project specifically to try to improve the information available about the council and all the projects we have ongoing and planned for the future.

To start off the public awareness project, we have employed a Digital Officer to develop a new and much improved website, which will have far more detailed information available for anyone to find. We will also be more active and visible across the various forms of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We hope to have our monthly meeting recorded and uploaded to YouTube, so those that cannot make it to the meeting can still see what was discussed and the detail of those discussions.

On our website, we have an area called ' The Hub ' which is for local community groups to put their information and contact details on so there is a centralised information page for this type of information readily available in one place.

We will simplify the annual accounts report to ensure it's clearer and easier for residents to understand where the annual precept is spent and what any of the larger sums of money and investments are earmarked for. This will be published on our website once the annual external audit has been completed.

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