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We have all seen an increase in the amount of litter that is being left around our lovely area, particularly near the local centre, children's park, and village green. We have been in consultation with Halton Borough Council about the option to increase the number of bins around Sandymoor and/or to increase the size of the ones that are already in place and some new bins have now been installed in some of the littering 'hot-spots' around the area.

We have also supported, and will continue to support, the local litter picking groups with equipment required to carry out regular litter picks. Ideally, we'd love it for this not to be needed and for everyone to clear up after themselves, but it appears that more education and encouragement is required along those lines. We are considering adding some additional signage around the problem areas, as a reminder for people to clear up after themselves but also don't want those to detract from the lovely green spaces we are trying to keep clean and tidy, becoming an eyesore in themselves.

We have been in discussion with the local authorities to come up with other initiatives to reduce the amount of littering, along with other forms of anti-social behaviour that seems to be on the increase around our area and will keep residents updated on the progress as appropriate.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to volunteer to help out on the litter picks, then please get in touch and we can direct you to the correct contact.

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