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Chair Report 2024

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To conclude another successful year, Sandymoor Parish council held it's Annual Parish meeting and AGM on Thursday 23rd May 2024. During this meeting the Chair gave the following report on the activities of the parish council over the last 12 months:

Dear Residents and Stakeholders,

It is with immense pleasure that I present to you the Chairs annual report for the council year ending May 2024. This year has been marked by considerable progress and community engagement across various initiatives and projects. As we reflect on our accomplishments, challenges, and aspirations, it is evident that our community continues to thrive through collective efforts and amazing dedication from residents, Parish, and Borough Councillors alike.

Some of the highlights this year have been:

  • Defibrillator installations: Our commitment to enhancing community safety and well-being remained at the forefront this year. I am delighted to announce the successful installation of three defibrillators across strategic locations within our community located on the front of Chatwins bakery, OAT Sandymoor High school and the Hazlehurst complex. These life-saving devices stand as a testament to our initiative-taking approach to emergency response. It is noteworthy that one of these defibrillators was funded by the local Parish Council and the rest by the Northwest Ambulance Service, highlighting the collaborative spirit that underpins our endeavours.
  • Community First Aid Training: To complement the installation of the defibrillators we gave priority to help empower our community members with life-saving skills. Through comprehensive Community First Aid Training programmes, we equipped individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively in emergencies. This initiative not only fosters a sense of preparedness but also strengthens the fabric of our community by instilling confidence amongst residents particularly as the Parish continue to grow.
  • SID (Speed Indicator Device) Implementation: We were contacted by many residents asking if the Parish Council would help address road safety concerns. This project has become a pivotal aspect of our community development agenda. The deployment of Speed Indicators Devices (SIDs) firstly by the Borough Council and latterly by way of purchase through the Parish Council are designed to serve as a proactive measure to promote responsible driving behaviour and enhance road safety within our neighbourhood. By raising awareness and encouraging adherence to speed limits, we strive to create safer streets for pedestrians and motorists alike. The Parish Council will share the data with road safety agencies including the Police and we hope to progress the project further through 2024 and into next year.
  • Public Open Space (POS): Continuing the strategy to acquire as much POS as possible from developers gained momentum this year. We are committed to develop a model that has both sustainability but meets the Councils view on standards of presentation so that Sandymoor residents will benefit from the consistency of approach. We are now moving into legals to acquire the land of the Swans Reach and Lea View Estates from Barratt David Wilson Home developments. The transfer date (subject to contract) is expected to be completed this year and upon completion residents will be leafleted to explain the new arrangements. In addition, we are currently in contact with Morris homes and Bloor developments and although at an early stage we are working hard to try and secure both these estates to add to the portfolio of land.
  • Local Leaflet Guide: In our ongoing efforts to promote a sense of community we developed a comprehensive Local Guide Leaflet. This invaluable resource serves as a gateway for new homeowners and existing residents to orientate themselves within the community and to function as a quick guide with useful phone numbers and contact details helping to highlight some of the different work the Parish and Borough Councils do.
  • Re-Election of All Councillors: I am pleased to report the successful re-election all those who applied, reaffirming our collective mandate to serve the interests of our community. This vote of confidence reflects the dedication and hard work demonstrated by our council members in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. Together, we remain steadfast in our commitment to representing the voices and aspirations of our constituents. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Councillor Irvine who left the Council for his many years of dedication and steadfast approach to helping us all as a team to work in the right way as a local government body.
  • Policy Review and Updating: In line with our commitment to governance excellence, we undertook a comprehensive review and updating of various policies governing our Parish Council. This proactive approach ensures that our policies remain relevant, effective, and reflective of evolving needs and priorities. By fostering transparency and accountability, we uphold the principles of good governance and serve the best interests of our community.
  • Community planter group:This year the group of enthusiastic volunteers really excelled! The Council were delighted to see the diversity of planting through the individual approaches by the volunteers. They all looked wonderful, and the results really show case how local people can make a difference to their area.
  • Summer Fair: This year sees the return of the Summer Fair by the Parish Council working in conjunction with local residents and Mike Ryan our local borough Councillor. I know they have been working tirelessly for the past few weeks and it promises to be a tremendous success. This again is a fitting example of how working together can produce impactful results that benefit our Parish and highlight beyond our borders that we have a vibrant community.

In conclusion, the past year has been marked by significant achievements and milestones, underscoring the resilience and vitality of our community. None of the splendid work would have happened if it were not for the team of dedicated Councillors who give up many hours of their free time to come and support the Community out of a sense of simply just wanting to help others. Finally, though, I would like to place on record my thanks and those of the Councillors to Arthur Neil who as Clerk and Proper Officer has worked tirelessly to support, guide, and manage our Council consistently going above and beyond. This also applies to Louise Irvine our Finance and digital officer who has diligently controlled the Finances and Audit functions whilst managing our IT.

To all above I give my thanks for your support throughout the year.

Warm Regards
Steve Mahon
Chair, Sandymoor Parish Council

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