Halton Borough Council

Halton is made up of the twin towns of Widnes and Runcorn together with the villages of Hale, Moore, Daresbury and Preston Brook.

Proposed Bus Shelters in Sandymoor – Consultation Process

There has been a request for the Parish Council to look into having bus shelters installed in the Sandymoor area.

In the near future there will be funding available for this project and we, along with Halton Borough Council, are working together as part of the consultation process. As part of the process, we are asking residents if they have any views and comments regarding the project being implemented within the community, to send these to the parish council, by emailing the clerk:

Crime Prevention Fund

Local residents, voluntary and community groups are invited to apply for funding, up to a maximum of £5,000 for community safety and crime prevention projects in the local community.

Applications will need to support the objectives set out in the Police & Crime Plan including;

  • the prevention of crime
  • the prevention of anti-social behaviour
  • the prevention of rural, heritage or business crime
  • improving road safety
  • reducing the effects of drugs and alcohol misuse.

Applications will be considered which address the needs of victims or witnesses or which aim to tackle re-offending.

Applicants will be required to obtain match funding for their project.

Applicants must demonsrate a proven need. Awards are aimed at new initiatives in the community, which must have identified achievable benefits/outcomes.

Crime Prevention Fund 2014 2015 leaflet

Pitts Heath Lane Pinch Point Scheme Notification

Information received from Halton Borough Council to the Parish Council

Design work has been progressing in relation to the three A558 Junction improvements, which comprise the Department of Transport (DfT) Local Pinch Point Schemes. HBC have recently received the road alignment design for the Pitts Heath Lane roundabout junction. From the initial layout plans it was apparent that the avenue of trees at the junction would likely be affected by the roundabout carriageway widening works, In designing the scheme HBC had hoped to retain as many of the trees as possible. Following advice from the Council’s Open Spaces Division and Specialist Arboricultural Contractors, it has been confirmed that the proximity of the root systems of the trees to the evacuation works would render the trees unviable. Unfortunately, this means that excavation and replanting the trees is not feasible and the lines of trees closest to the roundabout will have to be removed.

In order to meet DfT grant conditions, construction work at this junction is programmed to commence mid June 2014. In order that HBC comply with the requirements of the Countryside and Wildlife Act and to ensure that the bird nesting season is avaoided, HBC intend to carry out the tree and shrub clearance work, shown on the attached plan below, commencing next week (24th February 2014).

A landscape scheme is currently being prepared by the Council’s Open Spaces Division which will focus on mitigating the loss of trees and shrubs and re-establishing the avenue. You will of couse be consulted on this scheme as it develops.

HBC intend to incorporate works to resolve the flooding of the pedestrian subway, with these junction improvement works. The subway does need to be extended to accommodate the widening of the expressway carriageway on the approach to the roundabout. To assist in the redesign of the subway HBC need to carryout investigation and testing of the existing structure. The first step in this process is to clear the existing culvert (which carries Keckwick Brook and is an integral part of the pedestrian subway structure) of silt and any debris that may have become trapped.

The Environment Agency have given permission for this clearance work to proceed which is planned to commence on 24th February 2014. This will comprise the employment of a large suction jetting machine to remove the silt and will take around 2 weeks to complete. The flow in Keckwick Brook will be maintained throughout the period.

In the short term this de-silting work should provide greater capacity within the culverts and improve flow in the brook, however due to the relative levels of the bed of the brook and the base of the culvert we expect that this benefit will only be temporary as further silt is washed down. In the meaintime our consulting Engineers will be developing options for improving flow through the culverts whilst keeping the pedestrian and cycle route free of flooding and silting in the longer term.

HBC have notified all residents of Sunnyside Lane and Bayswater Close, who have frontage to the proposed works by letter drop on Thursday 20th February 2014.



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