Sandymoor Playing field, Wharford Lane

Sandymoor Playing field, Wharford Lane.

22th January 2018

Dear Resident,


I write with regards to the Sandymoor Sports development on Wharford Lane, Sandymoor. The land is owned by Sandymoor Parish Council (SPC) and was allocated for a recreational facility for Sandymoor residents as part of the overall Sandymoor Development Plan. The new facility will be built and maintained by the Parish.


Planning Permission was gained by the Parish for the Sports facility development last year, and I now wish to update you on progress of the project.

HBC have been working with SPC to implement this facility, which will be used under a shared use agreement by Sandymoor School and available to book out by residents outside school hours. Further details for how the new facilities can be booked will be advertised in due course.

A main contractor for construction of the works has been appointed and works are due start from 5th February 2018, with full site mobilization taking place from 5th March 2018.  Access to the site will be via a temporary access point off Wharford Lane. The construction period is due to take 15 weeks with completion by late June/early July 2018, weather permitting.


The main contractor if fully aware of site constraints and highway restrictions and will work closely with the Parish and Council to minimize disruption to local residents and the adjacent school.


During the construction phase if you have any cause for concern, please do not hesitate to contact me on the telephone number above or on my email address –


Warm regards,
Bernadette Tarry, Clerk to Sandymoor Parish Council.

Sandymoor Local Centre


The Council has been working with the Homes and Communities Agency (as land owner) to bring forward the development of the Sandymoor Local Centre. Both the Council and HCA are in agreement that now is a good time to bring forward the local shops and associated amenities. This will not only provide the growing community with additional local facilities but it will also help support continued house building by making the neighbourhood a more attractive to place live.

You may recall in January 2016, the HCA, supported by the Council, undertook a community consultation exercise with residents regarding options for developing the new local centre. The HCA are now looking to dispose of the site and have engaged a commercial agent to market the Local Centre to developers. A commercial ‘for sale’ board should be going up on site in next couple of weeks as part of the disposal process.

To play our part, and in accordance with the adopted Sandymoor Supplementary Planning Document, the Council has prepared a Planning Brief to help guide development of the site and assess future planning applications against.

I attach a copy of the Draft Developer Brief. Appendix A of the Brief includes a summary of the findings from the consultation of residents in Jan 2016, the Brief makes reference to how these comments (within the scope of a planning document) have been taken into account.

The next step is for the Draft Developer Brief to be taken to the Development Control Committee in either May or June 2017. The HCA anticipate that a preferred developer will be appointed in late Summer 2017, at which point the developer will bring forward their detailed planning proposals for the Local Centre. The Council expects that once a preferred developer is appointed, they will undertake neighbourhood consultation prior to submitting a formal planning application.

Sandymoor Local Centre Developer Final Draft V5 Brief - Final Draft

Sandymoor Local Centre Draft Developer Brief - Appendix B Images

Swans Reach Pond

Please note that arrangements for the aquatic weed to be sprayed shortly have been agreed under Environmental Agency approval. Please note, we will only be able to herbicide 20% of the surface area to avoid creating anaerobic conditions in the pond.

Thank you

Bernadette Tarry

Clerk to Sandymoor Parish Council

Halton’s Heritage Newsletter

Halton's Heritage Newsletter - Summer 2016

Still time to catch-up on the latest heritage news from Halton!


What’s a ‘Canalival’ we hear you say? Well, June saw the Halton Heritage Partnership host one in and around Runcorn town centre. This day long celebration of all things heritage and creative, was a fun-packed day of activities, performances, talks and loads more!

What’s a ‘Canalival’ we hear you say? Well, June saw the Halton Heritage Partnership host one in and around Runcorn town centre. This day long celebration of all things heritage and creative, was a fun-packed day of activities, performances, talks and loads more!

After a week of hot sunshine, we were concerned that rain would be upon us, however early clouds gave way to bright sunshine. Members of the Halton Young People’s Theatre performed several short pieces of theatre, which combined to create a story of local canal folk and a mystery unsolved in over 40 years. Although based on the young people’s research into the local history of the canals, using documents and oral histories collected for the Working Lives: Working Together project, a certain amount of dramatic license was used in the tale of young girl who had disappeared at a past ‘Canalival’. Read more here.

Grass Cutting

Halton Council is having to cut the grass in the borough less often than before due to the continuing effect of budget cuts.

Over the last few months you may have noticed there has been less grass cutting taking place on areas of land such as grass verges.

The Council had to find savings of £16 million for 2016-17 due to reductions in funding from the Government. This means the Council is forced to make tough decisions in order to make savings while also trying to protect services.

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